August 04, 2003
Jack Tramiel

is that you?

Posted by kevin slavin at August 04, 2003 10:38 AM

The post was removed. Kevin, what did it say?

Posted by: tmonkey on August 4, 2003 11:41 AM

Commodore 64 Developer

Reply to:
Date: 2003-07-30, 6:57PM

Senior Commodore 64 developer needed. This individual will help transition our applications from a legacy VIC-20 system to a robust and scalable 64K RAM system with 38,911 basic bytes free. Experience in the development of 1-tier enterprise architectures. Requirements:

15-18 years hands-on experience in Commodore 64 Basic V2. 6502 assembler a plus
Can LOAD"*",8 as well as ,8,1
Understanding of subroutines
Mastery of all standard POKE and SYS commands.
If POKE 53281,0 and SYS 64738 mean nothing to you, you need not apply.
Networking experience including BBS's, Punter protocol, xmodem and Hayes command set
Graphics programming. Familiarity with multicolor mode, custom character sets, sprite collisions, and split-screen
Advanced GUI programming with GEOS
Ability to type program listings from magazine quickly and without error
Phat KoalaPad skillz
BA/BS in Computer Science or related field
The right individual will receipt a competitive compensation package, a copy of Boulder Dash, and a double-sided disk puncher. Please send your resume (Omniwriter or Paperclip III format only) and a short (two line) code sample demonstrating ability to scroll text repeatedly up the screen.

Telecommuting is ok.
This is a part-time job.
This is a contract job.
This is at a non-profit organization.
This is an internship job.
OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
Reposting this message elsewhere is OK.
this is in or around New York

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on August 4, 2003 12:39 PM

kev, i guess we just hang out in different parts of craig's list.

Posted by: elia on August 4, 2003 02:38 PM
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