August 12, 2003
Insert Palm Reading Pun (life before the PDA)


1. Death on SCP (Soviet Communist Party).
2. I escaped from the Borstal-Work School three times.
3. In dedication of my parents' death! Or Death on the Bigwigs!
4. I've been through the St. Petersburg "Crosses".
5. I've been condemned for murder and grievous bodily harm by the Acts of 102 and 108 of SSSK (Soviet Criminal Law).
6. I've been condemned for burglary by the Acts of 144 and 145 of SSSK.
7. I'm a recidivist.
8. IVAN = given name

From "A Tattooed Stalin: the world and art of bandits in the Soviet Union".

Posted by kevin slavin at August 12, 2003 02:40 PM
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