August 12, 2003
another story

I just cleared a disused email box of 700 messages, none of which were non-commercial. The only interesting one was this. Can someone help me out here?, being entirely in Japanese, doesn't offer much.

Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 19:38:50 GMT
From: Cheryl Burgess
To: dbrown@
Subject: correspond

sanitary matured textured sari blues tardy pleading bows bimini mention
brainchildren horsemen sayer taste hunks meddling botch accredited booms
saturation secedes coverage barth cotangent acquiesced bracket bolting
pollcadot corruption adopter tentacle adrenal bolshevism expanses
exposing armageddon added counterexample ameslan testifying thallium
hound adumbrating humiliations testified acuteness sculpts scoped ethanol
evenness megabit brassiere brazenly huddle exploits humming practically
accountancy measures acquiescent boll hydrogen thanks scale accra midspan
accompanying mendelevium blake bernardo aleck estimation hoping tentacles
countermeasures idyll polariton bobble cowls crouch exempt bator beverly

remove mail

accounts expires secondarily hushing scurvy sawtooth evanescent andover
technologist played bismark actuate terramycin potentially maturate scull
scops theocracy advertising textural merger terrors tailgate scuff
middling scatting corrugate exclusive saner tautologically scurry
crestfallen powderpuff excusably exhumation scoffed maximizer iliac bores
pointers plungers merciful scythe crossing sat illuminates metacircular
megabit alpheratz microseconds tenseness beijing households taxation
mellowed sclerotic potters acquisitiveness thanklessly exploited metes
counterfeited hull augustus hysterectomy testing evaluations countrywide
plummeting covert playwright meanness satellite bowmen terraces menu
pouted accrues th taxiway bernet immerses plywood

Posted by dbrown at August 12, 2003 10:14 PM

i thought they might be exchelon "trigger" words, but i'm not sure where "hysterectomy" fits in.

Posted by: elia on August 13, 2003 10:10 AM
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