August 27, 2003
blackout update

Claim: Photograph shows a satellite view of the August 2003 blackout of northeastern United States and Canada.
Status: False.
Origins: Although the great blackout which struck the northeastern United States and Canada on the afternoon of 14 August 2003 and lasted well into the next day darkened many large North American cities (Cleveland, Detroit, Toronto, Ottawa, New York), it didn't produce nearly as total a zone of blackness as depicted in the image shown above. Artificial light was still quite visible throughout many parts of the northeastern region, as shown in the photograph below…

Posted by dbrown at August 27, 2003 10:50 AM

A quick adjustment of the levels in photoshop, reveal the sloppiness of this hoax.
Try it yourself and see.

Posted by: matkatz on August 28, 2003 04:32 PM

Tom, Cary -- that illo is posted on Todd Levin's site -- remember him?

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on August 28, 2003 06:41 PM

yes, i remember that chap. i bet he is behind this madness.

Posted by: cary on August 29, 2003 06:01 PM

i had nothing to do with the madness. (or the blackout, for that matter) matt is a friend, and i let him post that "ah-ha!" levels-adjusted pic on my site so he could reveal the hoax with evidence.

tom, cary, kevin?

Posted by: kidtremble on September 5, 2003 01:03 AM

poppycock! this photoshop trickery is what led to the power going off. i can never forgive the people who did this.

Posted by: cary on September 5, 2003 11:21 AM
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