September 03, 2003
Brought to You By the Letter B and the number 2

Lot of blogtown attention to the BBC article on how America is using "Sesame Street," foreign hearts-and-mind-wise. From the moment that Charlotte Beers (from JWThompson) worked the White House it was clear that very little would surprise us. Including that she would resign.

From the article, my favorite part, below. Who knew Sesame Street was a media buy?

>The cute, squeaky-voiced puppet Elmo has just been sponsored by Wall Street firm Merrill Lynch to explain business to American pre-schoolers. And in Russia's Ulitsa Sezam, a storyline about a lemonade stall has been included to show, that in a nation where many people suspect all businesses of corruption, someone "can make a profit and be a nice person".

Posted by kevin slavin at September 03, 2003 11:47 AM
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