September 08, 2003
out below

So I'm channel hopping last night and land on QVC, which is hawking an extendable ladder. A lady chatterer and a rep from the ladder company and making the pitch, while another QVC team member is setting the ladder up to "clean" a decorative window, as found in the cathedral-ceilinged suburban boats now being built. He goes up the ladder and starts to clean with a duster, loses his footing and crashes 10 feet to the studio floor. Camera stays there for less than one second, just before the twitch viewers can feel is coming. Chatterer & rep keep on talking... a minute later, she says, We hope Kevin is okay. He is moving.

Live TV, a dying art.

Posted by dbrown at September 08, 2003 12:29 PM

A follow up to this, along the same lines. Equal parts scary and hilarious, this time involving a (not-so-well-crafted) Japanese katana, a sales-dufus, and a rep who steps in (because god forbid there be airtime without somebody on screen) looks around and then into the camera directly to whoever is out there watching: "we..uh...may need emergency the studio."

Posted by: tmonkey on February 6, 2004 02:57 PM
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