September 11, 2003
Take the Bus

"Sixteen years ago Road Safety brought the 'Black Box' used in airplane cockpits to the highway."

Only thing is, unlike the airplane black boxes, you don't have to crash for the records to be interesting. That's why the 'Teen Driver Black Box' "...effectively promotes safe driving habits and eliminates aggressive driving behavior, thus reducing the chances of being in a vehicle crash."

Or, to say it as the Washington Post writes it, describing a teen driver scenario: "...[the] 'event data recorder' snitches on him. It will note the speeding incident, along with other dangerous driving behaviors, in a computer file."

Without paranoia or conspiracy, it's just that we're passively broadcasting more and further, in our everyday lives. If you quantified it in gigabytes, how much more personal data do we generate from year to year?

Take the bus. No, wait.

Posted by kevin slavin at September 11, 2003 03:07 AM
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