September 19, 2003
thanks for the good and information

Except for Danky Hung, the recent and inscrutable comments we've been getting here on Saturation have kept me awake at night.

But those are Strunk and motherfucking White next to what Steven Johnson's been getting on his site. A good example is the comments on this post -- scroll down to see what we're dealing with here. Makes the comment to the asteroid story -- "It think if it will happen there will be the end of the day" -- look like a real live person wrote it.

What's fascinating about all this is the motivation for it, which Steven Johnson unravels by opening the question up to his readers. Things find their own uses for the street.

Posted by kevin slavin at September 19, 2003 06:02 PM

thanks for the good and interesant information

Posted by: Mery on September 19, 2003 07:09 PM

somehow, if dante's inferno were written today, i feel there'd be a circle just for spammers.

Posted by: elia on September 19, 2003 08:27 PM

mr. zip code does make an appearance now and then; I always delete. Let me know if you want his posts left up. You never know when is going to go out of business.

Posted by: dbrown on September 19, 2003 10:39 PM

Has there been any linguistic research done on the effect of Google on the English language (namely, methods of "mooching one's Googlejuice") or that of spamming and anti-spam software as there have been with texting and IM? I'd read a couple pages of that.

Posted by: tmonkey on September 20, 2003 09:14 AM

Yeah, the other day I was thinking about the subject lines of spam, designed to outwit linguistic filters. They're getting kind of amazing, and I keep wondering if the people who come up with them are aware of the kind of minor poetry they have. It's an interesting challenge, how you get someone to understand that this message is about sex without using any words associated with it? It's not difficult but it's kind of interesting.

From the last few days:

From: Gankylonmerism Oankylophobia
Subj: Real actions (proper dream)

From: Celina Erwin
Subj: diurnal06nodal

Subj: viagr0-fw

those aren't the best examples, but it's probably better that way.

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on September 20, 2003 11:44 AM
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