September 20, 2003
truth in sort of advertising

the latest trend (at least for me) in e-commerce is the interstitial upsell page, with all the add ons, whether hotel rooms or books you might also like to read. Expedia's upsell page was so humongous it made me switch back to orbitz.'s new upsell page didn't make me switch, in part because its URL is so sweet: "" At least they call a rose a rose.

Reminds me of a story I've told many times already: Back in 1992 or so, in the liquor store on Market Street near Church, across from the Safeway. A bum (as they called them in SF back then) woozily asks for a pint of a cheap brand of vodka. The clerk slaps it down on the counter and says, Good choice. This will get you really drunk.

Posted by dbrown at September 20, 2003 08:56 PM

Which reminds me of another wino story, this one from the recently flooded precincts of Fells Point, Baltimore, the nation's preeminent drinking town. Most of the waterfront taverns (there's literally one on every corner) had to discard basements full of liquor, which got covered in harbor water and muck. Winos from all over the county, it's said, were making lightning raids on the dumpsters and eventually congregated in a nearby park for what my friend Cliff, a Fells Point native home for the weekend, described as the Mother of All Bottle Parties. He said the park the next morning resembled "the battlefield at Antietam."

Posted by: Dave McAninch on September 22, 2003 02:34 PM
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