September 22, 2003
Information Architecture

On August 15th, when the city was rebooting from the blackout. Anna and I were in Times Square, and it was beautiful the way is beautiful. All the electronic architecture was fucked up and blotchy, coming online in patches and parts.

Particularly beautiful was the Conde Nast building. Power restored, the tower-screen section had lost it's feed, glowing with the pure blue light of flatline video. There was something so sharp about that, it looked more like the future than the live image feed ever does.

But, without any blackout to point fingers at, an architectonic reboot happened to Macy's 10 days previous. With so much in surplus, that day found Macy's short on virtual memory. That could happen for about a hundred reasons, but it got me wondering how far away we are from viruses written for electronic image-architecture. The hackers that produce them might adopt the terminology of "tags" and "bombs" from the graffiti artists who laid, as it were, the foundation.

(Macy's images via

Posted by kevin slavin at September 22, 2003 04:31 PM
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