September 23, 2003
Virtual Memory

For those of us who grew up at 300 baud, those for whom BBSes were the bad neighborhoods, is like finding a box of snapshots from adolescence, ones that you never knew existed.

At the Tokion "creativity" conference a couple weeks ago, they brought Kool Herc and Melle Mel on stage, and it was kind of amazing to just see these guys who put those first footsteps on a whole new planet. And I remember hearing that stuff, but not as well as I remember the other forgotten heroes: Captain Crunch, Captain Midnight, the Legion of Doom. Emmanuel Goldstein. Count Nibble. I could go on.

I was a lot more like a commuter than a resident back then, but still. Still. With these files I viscerally remember the neighborhood that was never there, and it was so smart and so stupid, the way home is, the way family is. So smart and so stupid.


(found the link through the always-on always-reliable

Posted by kevin slavin at September 23, 2003 01:25 AM

in another life I used to sell 5 1/4's full of textfiles at computer shows... when I wasn't cracking poorly protected apple ][ games.

Posted by: dbrown on September 23, 2003 11:21 AM
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