September 30, 2003
Nothing Sadder Than a Half-Billion Dollar Truth

At first I thought it was fiction, onion, fantasy, or propaganda, that the United States is sending subsidized oil to Iraq.

But reading further, I found out that Halliburton -- spending half a billion dollars of taxpayer money -- is the one handling the import and management of that subsidized oil. That's when I knew that it was just the truth.


Don't you think it's amazing that with so much more of the world able to talk to so much more of the world, and that with so much information moving through the blogosphere, that none of this information has any effect on any political realities of the United States? I think blogland is real, and that it's capital-p politics that form the virtual reality.

Posted by kevin slavin at September 30, 2003 01:35 AM
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