October 02, 2003
"smacks of some weird California woo-woo thing."

Article in Forbes magazine: "Mind Games" -- part of a much larger, and rather silly -- article about "neuroscience meets marketing" (reluctant link). Considering they don't truly understand the neurochemistry of mass antidepressants, and considering that marketing itself is only 50% science at best, I'm kind of dubious.

But the Mind Games article concerns G. Clotaire Rapaille -- who I hadn't thought about in several years. Which is funny, given that he's all about "imprinting," in which the human mind has fundamental archetypes, established even before it acquires language. So Rapaille's Archetype Discoveries Worldwide makes the connections between those archetypes and brands that are searching for them. And funny that with research like that, he couldn't make a website with any concession toward conventional principles of usability. Anyway.

It could be that, being French, he's employed by some French PR firm to lift their Nielsen numbers here in the States. Like all of us in advertising, he has to have a certain ambivalence about the brands and products he engages, but there's an actual enthusiasm for them that's rather suprising. Said enthusiasm being most evident in, for example, this interview with Bob Garfield on WNYC. You'll want to read the whole thing through, to get to the part where, referring to the Americans, he exclaims "why I'm American today. I said 'Wow! You know, these guys are just--incredible!'"

Posted by kevin slavin at October 02, 2003 04:34 PM
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