October 08, 2003
Peripheral Vision

Today MeFi links to ghost signs, which I could look at for a long time. They're from Toronto, shot by Dave Till.

Because no idea is original, and because every ad in the world is fading, it reminds me of Frank Jump's more local photographs. In the time I've been looking at Jump's photographs, maybe half of the original have disappeared -- painted over, built against, knocked down. This is especially poignant because of Jump's HIV+ status, and his relationship to endurance and survival -- as someone told him: "there's a connection between your survival, the survival of these signs, and your fervent passion to photograph them." Jump himself wrote that "I am committed to continue to express my experience as a survivor with the images of the Fading Ad Campaign."

I wrote him a note four years ago; I wanted to buy two of his photos for two friends of mine (both of you here on saturation). He never did write back, and now looking at his site, I can't be sure where he's at, in the biggest sense of at.

Posted by kevin slavin at October 08, 2003 12:20 PM

Hey Kevin-

Frank Jump here. Still around and kicking. E-mail me if you are still interested.

Posted by: Frank Jump on December 13, 2003 06:15 PM
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