October 14, 2003
another economy, not my own

A couple of years ago, when I was very high on the ebay kick, I wondered a lot about whether I could make a living at it. My specialities, though -- and some of you know what they are -- seemed too inconsistent in supply to make a go. Julian Dibbell found a better racket: "THE PROPOSITION On April 15, 2004, I will truthfully report to the IRS that my primary source of income is the sale of imaginary goods -- and that I earn more from it, on a monthly basis, than I have ever earned as a professional writer."

see his "ebay/utlima online market watch (and the ebay market itself, and also his story in wired earlier this year: The Unreal Estate Boom. The 79th Richest Nation on Earth doesn't exist. And, for more human interest, the sidebar, "SERFING THE WEB Black Snow Interactive and the World's First Virtual Sweat Shop" ("They rented office space in Tijuana, equipped it with eight PCs and a T1 line, and hired three shifts of unskilled Mexican laborers to do what most employers would have fired them for: playing online computer games from punch-in to quitting time.")

Kevin might have something to say about this.

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Posted by dbrown at October 14, 2003 06:35 PM

See also: Synthetic World Economic Data. Weekly index of the aggregate sales value of virtual items.

Posted by: Kio on October 21, 2003 12:09 PM
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