October 15, 2003
the sculking degraded natives

Cowan's nov. 13 Americana auction has a bunch of interesting lots -- like 24 and 29 star flags -- but the coolest, I think, is a personal diary of a 49er.

"“I was delighted with scene a fine grove of large cotwood willow &c cloathed with rich grass some flowers orange buries ect., we soon had grass cut and spread to dry have a fine place to read beneath the shade of a venerable cotwood tree whose ancient bows have oftain spread a refreshing shade for the sculking degraded natives who are unworthy of even this fertile spot they are low & mean.” The journal ends with the party arriving at the diggings in Yuba valley, and the last few pages include list of distances from Independence, Mo., to Fort Sutter and then to the puebla of San Jose (where apparently they went), as well as a list of rivers in northern California."

Posted by dbrown at October 15, 2003 11:43 AM
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