October 17, 2003
I'm sure everyone who made this game is dead by now.

Hey—Pong. My parents played this game.

Posted by at October 17, 2003 01:37 PM

EGM: Did you score?

Kirk: I bumped into a dot.

Posted by: Kevin Slavin on October 17, 2003 09:06 PM

Brilliant idea for a piece. I loved how they were playing on those huge flat panel tvs too. They should have locked them in a basement with a fricking old Zenith set on the fritz for 3-5 years. Then they wouldn't be complaining about the "lo-res" dots or the "flatness" of Mario.

hey, what's up with all the vowels being xxxed out? "Pxxt a cxmmxnt"?? Can somebody fix that--oh, that's my job.

Posted by: tmonkey on October 18, 2003 10:50 AM

nice post! three cheers for Kim.

also: the "pxxt" thing was 'cause one way the comment spammer-bots work is to find "post a comment."

by the by.

Posted by: dbrown on October 19, 2003 03:30 PM
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