October 20, 2003
Watch it, Monarchs

I was going to do this post about how it turns out that this is fiction but this is fact, and how fact is inscrutable, and how fucked up is that? I was looking for information, so I turned to the Interweb. I googled the real nike site, and quickly got so much more. It starts with more or less the same question I had:

Hi! i sent you an e-mail before about a weird macdonald's ad! well i just found out, its a promotion for nike called "keep the ball alive" check out www.keeptheballalive.com and tell me what you think!

Stewart's Reply: Amazing! The whole thing is a trigger. Even the way they wrote the letter "B" is actually, 13, closer together. I have not seen this elsewhere--perhaps Australia/ NZ are testing grounds. Thank you.

One of many questions answered on that page. I wasn't sure if whoever does that testing (nike?) had ever seen the site. If so, I thought, it might be compromised. As it turns out, these guys are bona fide, and here's proof. You know how the last few weeks have been really weird? Monarch Trigger. Monarch Trigger.

Monarchs Beware! September 21, 2003
Apparently there is now an international organization called "Monarch Watch" based in…are you ready…Kansas! (Wizard of Oz programming). Of course, this group is designed to study Monarch butterflies. This year, especially in the Midwest, there are kazzillions of yellow and orange Monarch butterflies. Birds, descendents of reptiles, do not eat Monarchs because they taste bitter. Something deep here for programmed Monarch to comprehend! Go to www.Monarchwatch.org for details. Add this to the MSN butterfly, plus the recent Spykids 3D movie where a single Monarch butterfly fills the screen and flutters about the screen against a red background in two scenes for several seconds each time, and you are going to have a whole lot of Monarchs triggered!!

From the Archives - Current News Illuminati Plans September 2003

You may worry that no one is paying attention to any of this. Take comfort that at least one of their devotees is a grade school teacher, and that's a good start.

Posted by kevin slavin at October 20, 2003 07:47 PM
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