October 21, 2003
Above the fold

for you non-New Yorker subscribers, the week's most important story is online, Sy Hersh's The Stovepipe.

one tidbit: "A routine settled in: the Pentagon’s defector reports, classified “secret,” would be funnelled to newspapers, but subsequent C.I.A. and INR analyses of the reports—invariably scathing but also classified—would remain secret."

and then the bombshell, rumor only, mind you, re: the yellowcake documents:

"a former senior C.I.A. officer ... eventually [said] that a small group of disgruntled retired C.I.A. clandestine operators had banded together in the late summer of last year and drafted the fraudulent documents themselves.

“The agency guys were so pissed at Cheney,” the former officer said. “They said, ‘O.K, we’re going to put the bite on these guys.’” ... “They thought that, with this crowd, it was the only way to go—to nail these guys who were not practicing good tradecraft and vetting intelligence,” my source said. “They thought it’d be bought at lower levels—a big bluff.”"

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