November 05, 2003
Noise = Signal

Back when I had my Palm Pilot with me all the time, I would always scan for other Palm users on the subway. I had a memo ready -- something about an error, and needing to shake the PDA to clear the flash ram -- and I would discreetly beam it to anyone sitting there trying to write. Sometimes it worked, and they'd look worried and shake their poor little Palm. I don't know what it did to the hardware, but at the time, it helped me get through the day.

Now that I have a bluetooth-equipped phone, I can't believe I never thought of doing the same thing to all the blueteeth in proximity. Maybe I did, and forgot it, but in any case, it's got a name now, with a FAQ and hoodies and the whole damn thing. White on rice, I say. White on rice.

Posted by kevin slavin at November 05, 2003 01:13 AM
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