November 06, 2003

Not that this is news, but since DB and I are fresh off the plane, it's on my mind.

It would be difficult to really explain how pervasive the cell phone was in Japan, how many and how often, and how it was fairly unusual to see someone talking on them. Instead, they were typing, gaming, and actually shooting photos a lot more than I would have imagined. I saw one woman photographing a photograph, on the street, it was of a hairdresser's model, and I can only imagine it was to show it (send it?) to her own hairdressser.

Did I mention that tassels for the phone are crucial? That your identity is defined more by the jewelry your cell phone wears, than by the hardware itself. I'm all in favor of that, since jewelry is cheaper, more varied, and easy to swap. I bring this up only because I just stumbled across Justin Hall's photographs of these same and similar phenonema. I brought back one tassel, it came attached to my KitKat bar. Really.

Here, also, is a blog from Tokyo college students who are researching the changing role of cell phones in Japanese society.

Posted by kevin slavin at November 06, 2003 01:58 PM
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