November 06, 2003

499807947: Earlier today I pretended I was sleeping to stop a taxi driver talking to me - really I wasn't even tired.

495080214: i'm 25 and i somehow only end up sleeping with women in their mid 30's i meet at bars or 14-16 year old girls i find on the internet. one time i crawled out of a 36yr old womans bed and snuck into her daughters room.

Group hug.

Posted by kevin slavin at November 06, 2003 02:37 PM

shades, to say the least, of the Apology Project, may he rest in peace.

"This is Rob, and I want to apologize to my wife for something I did seventeen years ago. Seventeen years ago I was only eighteen years old, I was a young man, and I was drafted into the army. I was in Vietnam, and I met this young prostitute, and I didn't have no money to pay for her services, so I gave away my wedding band. It was a gold wedding band, and a gold chain with a little cross on it. And I gave her that in lieu to payment. I told her I would come back and I...I want the stuff back, and I'll pay her hard cash -"greenbacks" - at that time we called it??if she will, uh, wait for the next day. Came back the next day, I couldn't trace the prostitute down. And lo and behold, I always kept telling my wife this story that I lost it, and, uh, her ring, and uh, I feel bad about that, y'know, because it's been along time, and uh, I just wanna apologize to my wife for giving our...her...the wedding band away for the services of a prostitute. Every time I think about it I think about that was a nice looking prostitute. And, uh, but every time I look at the wedding band, it's been haunting me for all these years. So I feel bad about it, and, if I had to do it again, I dunno, maybe I would do it again. OK? Anybody out there wants to punish me for that action, go ahead. Do so. I'm waiting to hear from you."

Posted by: dbrown on November 6, 2003 04:10 PM

Too bad you can't give people advice about their confessions like the now RIP

Posted by: Kio on November 10, 2003 07:33 PM
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