November 11, 2003
Somebody Kill Me


I wanted to open this post with a web artifact I can't find: the 3D rendered model of the woman that some guy wanted to meet. I can't remember if he saw it in a dream, or it was just his specific preferences, or what. I just remember thinking that we'd crossed another threshold when he posted that face everywhere, hoping it matched that of someone walking on earth.

If that was crossing a threshold, then, this is the fuckin' window we're falling out of, because I don't remember anyone asking me if Miss Digital World was a good idea. I think her power derives mostly from the clean inevitability of her existence.

(and then, if anyone can point me to a link for that first one, the 3D face, I'd appreciate it.)

Posted by kevin slavin at November 11, 2003 07:59 PM

See also the Mr and Mrs Beta contest in There.

Posted by: kevin slavin on November 12, 2003 04:09 PM
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