November 13, 2003
Curious, Orange

"There's a great story about one time Carney got in trouble on live TV. It was a 'Honeymooners' sketch on the Gleason show, and Gleason exited a scene and ran off to his dressing room to change clothes -- which he should not have done. He forgot that the scene had been rewritten and extended. He was supposed to go back in and engage Art/Ed in more dialogue but he forgot, leaving his sidekick sitting at the Kramden dining table, waiting for Ralph to return and play the rest of the dialogue. When Ralph didn't come, Art realized he had to fill -- this is live TV, remember -- so he walked over, opened the ice box and found there was nothing in it but an orange. He took it, sat down and did two minutes of orange-peeling. A stage manager finally got Gleason back so the scene could resume but as Jackie himself told the story, those two minutes were the funniest two minutes in the entire hour, maybe the entire season. The kinescope is apparently lost but I'm sure it was wonderful."

from News From Me.

Posted by kevin slavin at November 13, 2003 10:28 AM
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