November 28, 2003
"I use a lot of colors, not just black."


I’m watching Basquiat on my parents’ 800-channel digital tv thing. I had forgotten what a fever dream it is, the one exception to the no-biopic rule, the seas crashing in the manhattan sky, the nods, the faint smiles, jesus there’s even courtney love and a baby faced benicio. Can someone who was alive in new york in the 1980s tell me that it was nothing like that, that drugged giants did not walk our streets?

Oh, this scene, in the limo, when the driver asks J-M to check out his studio sometime. It fucking breaks my heart. Not to mention the end. That too.

But I’m in San Mateo. Everything breaks my heart here.

Posted by dbrown at November 28, 2003 02:21 AM

A related thing. There’s a scene where J-M is nodding and dreaming of a stack of tires stacking itself in his apartment. Right before he OD’s the first time. And it reminded of this: A few years ago, I was getting images to use in a 500-page history of american art. And we (Jay Tobler, may he rest in peace) wanted to include Alan Kaprow, his tire installation, a photograph of his tire installation. I tracked him down, he teaches somewhere in California, and explained what I wanted from him. And he said, well, that’s not what the work is about. And he said, If you go to the library, if you go to the New York Library’s Picture Collection, and make a collage of images of tires, and send it to me, I’ll attest that it’s [paraphrase: in the spirit of the work]. And you can use that.

A long time later, maybe last year, I was looking for a picture on Corbis, I can’t remember what, I imagine it was related to Lexus vehicles, and in amongst the search was an image of Kaprow’s tire installation. No credit to him. To Corbis, it was an image of tires. I wish I’d known, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Posted by: dbrown on November 28, 2003 02:24 AM
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