December 07, 2003
Radio Lusitania


Off Midnight Society (and via consumptive) --

>A strange sight out of the middle of suburbia are the large blocks On Mystic Island in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ. These very large and strange concrete blocks can be found in the middle of the roadways off of Radio Road and were once the base for a large radio tower called the "Tuckerton Tower". They measure 20 feet high and sink in 20 feet below the surface and were the foundations for the 820 feet high radio tower which was used during World War I by the Germans. There are also several smaller blocks around the island that were used to support the massive tower.

>The tower was built in 1912 by the German government to communicate with an identical tower on the other side of the Atlantic in Germany. The tower was also used to communicate with Germany's submarines and ships at sea and it was though that the orders to sink the ocean liner "Lusitania" during WW1 was delivered from the Tuckerton Tower right here in New Jersey. When America entered the war in 1917, the United States military immediately took over the tower and used it till the end of the war. Later RCA operated it until World War II when the military took over again. On December 28, 1955, the tower was torn down and cut up for scrap. Why these blocks are left behind is really a mystery since there are real no apparent historical plaques. The blocks just seem to collect graffiti and become areas for people to park these boats next to.

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