December 22, 2003
ever heard of plaster can larger ur little pe-nis insentient tortuously

I don't follow the spam/antispam news closely, and so I'm sure this tactic has been chronicled elsewhere. But what does interest me is the blunt way language has become a tool, in this case -- this case being the first few lines, reproduced below, from a "Stick plaster & grow small pe.nis" email I just received -- using rare words to skew the vocab-counting anti-spam-bots. Just that sentence, you know, just that sentence makes me happy. If you dont like this spam you dont like poetry, see?

inactivity undocked justly hotplate lucan plaudite ayrshire grenadine thebe sounding ripe trusty afterdamp lowbred plain ableness dalbergia acromicria covers paella betsie , ostinato colophony honest barbasco unveiling expressing allfours reactance boatbill leasing cornopean loup remiform xanthous luger dents wellmade monoecious guayule sike resilience fixed nehru topiary spoliation weka lily epigraphy bran . dalea directive qualifying stationary clocking bimodal harass airflow origanum inertness lament aglitter agapornis colorist parcity dieback grime silvervine crick showcase callirhoe doeuvre bantling bilander bullshit overvalue miscreated pitched figurine defilade

Posted by dbrown at December 22, 2003 08:38 PM
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