December 26, 2003
Number 1 and Number 2 But in Binary


Some are disappointed that video games aren't more like real life. Others fear that real life echoes game life, half life, second life.

And part of it is really about what we omit. If you can make anything with polygons, what exactly wouldn't you make, and why not? In Germany, for example, it's illegal to show blood in videogames, so for the most part, players just drop where they're shot, like a heart attack, or a stutter narcoleptic.

There is debate, even, about whether the Sims really should have including the shitting and pissing. Whether putting that in the game, or whether blurring it out, were concessions, and in which directions.

But not this Russian guy, about whom I can tell you very little. Since I have no ability to understand what he's writing, I just imagine him as a kind of fetish detective, walking through virtual worlds taking photographs of every toilet he sees. If the quantity of snaps is any indication, this is a man who takes this rather seriously.

Posted by kevin slavin at December 26, 2003 02:21 AM
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