January 15, 2004
A House Divided

Old Economy: "New Economy"
Red: Blue
Pickup Truck: VW Beetle
Willy Loman: William Shatner
Dubya: Dean

This article in the Washington Monthly by Richard Florida suggests, for one, that reverse immigration is a result of the GOP's agenda and our current situation which I might paraphrase (or rephrase) thusly: the Cambrian explosion of the 90s fed the Clinton years, which were fueled by the "creative class", many immigrants, and the 9-11 asteroid changed the climate, and many corporate species have died off leaving creative people unemployed. Now we've returned to a celebration of Old Economy ways of making money -- exploitation of natural resources rather than human resources of innovation and creativity.

The problem is, the Bust was real, in some ways more real than the hype of the Boom. Where does our creative energy go now? Berlin? Tokyo? London? Online dating sites? Porn?

Posted by tmonkey at January 15, 2004 12:01 PM

drag-racing buses? making books about TV shows?

Posted by: dbrown on January 15, 2004 12:18 PM
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