January 26, 2004
The Future from Ban Lung

You know, I often look at some guy jacked into a verizon hotspot and go man, I fuckin love living in the future. But today I saw this and Irealized that this is the future.That this is the single most vivid portrait we'll have for what it will look like, if when you say it you mean the world.


NYT>>>It is a digital pony express: five Motomen ride their routes five days a week, downloading and uploading e-mail. The system, developed by a Boston company, First Mile Solutions, uses a receiver box powered by the motorcycle's battery. The driver need only roll slowly past the school to download all the village's outgoing e-mail and deliver incoming e-mail. The school's computer system and antenna are powered by solar panels. Newly collected data is stored for the day in a computer strapped to the back of the motorcycle. At dusk, the motorcycles converge on the provincial capital, Ban Lung, where an advanced school is equipped with a satellite dish, allowing a bulk e-mail exchange with the outside world.

Reminds me, too, of a similar project in our own third world, the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Posted by kevin slavin at January 26, 2004 01:55 AM
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