January 29, 2004
America's Next Top Model

Have you watched this show? Oh my god. Raw power, beauty, and emotion. In last night's episode (the Seattle P-I seems to have weekly wrap-ups; the official site does not include the current season. Fire somebody.), Catie had a complete meltdown 'cause she's afraid of heights and the shoot involved being suspended in a harness in a decaying old brewery. Xiomara had a hissy fit at the end, during the judging, 'cause she thought the art director was spending all his time comforting Catie, who, in the end, had one of the best photos of the episode. Then, at the end, when one of America's Next Top Model candidates is eliminated, it was down to Xiomara and Heather, and Xiomara got to stay and she wept, and then, I couldn't believe it, the host and master of ceremonies, Tyra Banks, actually broke down, too. It was unbelievable. Next week: Catie melts down again!

Posted by dbrown at January 29, 2004 12:12 PM
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