January 31, 2004
Pre-cog Halftime: Home Edition

Tomorrow’s game is Panthers 29, Patriots 21. This from Sony, who run the “989 Sports Game Before the Game” competition on a PlayStation2. Thing is, it’s consistently predicted the winner for eight years now. They put some Carolina wide-reciever behind one controller, and a New England wide-out behind the other, and that’s how that song plays, 29-21.

But it's further, stranger than that. The 1up Bowl: NFL Fever, Madden, GameDay, and ESPN 04 all on auto, each one a different console. Machine vs. machine, and 1up breaks it down play by play, revealing just what tomorrow looks like. Would that the Sims had such predictive accuracy, we'd be living in suburbs, pissing the floor.

Posted by kevin slavin at January 31, 2004 11:18 PM
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