February 08, 2004
San Mateo February 2004

The comics store down the street closed. A games store opened next to it. The SPCA thrift store closed. The travel agent is now a cellular phone store. The hair salon became a furniture store then became a pawn shop and is now a furniture store again. The movie theater is a Container Store. The library is temporarily located in an empty floor of the new office building by the freeway, where the horse-racing track’s practice track used to be. There is a Peet’s and a Starbucks next to each other. The Pot Sticker chinese restaurant is now "Fusia," a chinese restaurant. The department store is now a chinese restaurant. One of the Lyons (Denny’s plus $1 per entrée) on El Camino is now a Japanese restaurant. The bank is now a 7-day-a-week dentist. There is empty office space everywhere. Burger King now advertises Low Carb meals. The car reupholstery place is now a Fast Signs franchise. The Harley-Davidson shop is now a Fast Signs franchise. The municipal airport is now a museum of aviation (that in San Carlos, not San Mateo). They just unearthed some human remains in renovating the Belmont City Hall: an Ohlone Indian, who were "prevalent in the Bay Area and the San Francisco Peninsula before it was settled in the 1800s." The computer game store in San Carlos is now a kitchen remodeling shop. The hot dog hut is a taqueria. The Long’s Drugs where I bought my first condoms is still a Long’s Drugs. The Neptune Society up the street from Long’s is still a Neptune Society. The only other business that remains the same on that stretch is a Mustang-only car shop. The bowling alley down the street still has a 30-foot-tall totem pole outside its front door. There is a place to eat in downtown San Mateo where they speak only Japanese, and don’t go out of their way to welcome ghosts like me. I am old, I am old.

Posted by dbrown at February 08, 2004 01:30 AM

"The computer game store in San Carlos is now a kitchen remodeling shop."

That pretty much sums it up for me right there.

Posted by: tmonkey on February 8, 2004 11:00 AM
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