February 14, 2004

OK, so machinima, an immature medium that hasn't found its Orson Welles, or its Mack Sennet for that matter. Machinima hasn't found its Lev Kuleshov, even.

But that may be in part because most machinima is about gaming, and most great movies are about the world. And maybe you don't even have to pretend these game engines aren't games, to provide the emotional responses that machinima can aim for.


I got to work especially early that day. I did the usual routine of buying my coffee, going outside by West Street for my cigarette, and heading upstairs to the 87th floor to my office. I sat at my desk and responded to my e-mails when Amy, John, and Mike came in. Amy and I chatted, and it was about half past 8. Shortly after that I heard a noise, it sounded like I was on the platform of a subway station and the train was coming full speed ahead. I remember thinking "what the hell is that." It was then that I heard a crash, the ceiling came down, and fire consumed parts of the office and the entire hallway.

Unreal. This is virtual geographic, and no one ever said that could never happen here.

Posted by kevin slavin at February 14, 2004 01:53 PM
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