March 10, 2004
Too bad I'm not sick today

from Spike TV's schedule for today

On the cruise, Neely is attacked by a rampaging bear. Mitch and Cody rescue her, and then she and Mitch share a very intense moment. Meanwhile, Leslie, the jewel thief, is trying to elude the other members of her smuggling team and get away with all the emeralds. Inside Sports completes its photo shoot.  

A head injury resulting from a confrontation with hit men who fear MacGyver knows too much about their assassination plot against the leaders of Omega Force anti-terrorist brigade, causes MacGyver to lose his memory. 

MacGyver travels to Czechoslovakia to rescue a dissident from the top-security psychiatric ward of a Czech hospital. 

Two chutes tangle during skydive, high-speed street races, "wing-walker," weiner dog race.

Loyalty and ethics clash when a paralyzed Worf asks for help to commit suicide. 

A rescue mission leads to a dangerous romance between Riker and a rebellious member of an androgynous race. 

Hunt For Red October, The (1990)

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It's not too late to contract food poisoning.

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From the always outrageous, sometimes humorous Media Research Center:

Notable Quotations
March 19, 1990
(Vol. Three, No. 6)

Hunting Down Red October

"Will there be any reviews aside from this one that don't begin or end with the observation that the Cold War is over and therefore this movie is anachronistic?"
--Wall Street Journal film critic David Brooks, March 1

"If you're miffed because the Cold War's over, Ceaucescu's dead, the Sandinistas lost the election in Nicaragua and it seems like there's no one around to hate any more, then maybe The Hunt for Red October is just the thing....This is a Reagan youth's wet dream of underwater ballistics and East-West conflict."
--Washington Post film critic Desson Howe, March 2

"The Hunt for Red a leviathan relic of an age that no longer exists....And that it lurches into view as a Cold War anachronism is, in fact, the picture's most fascinating feature. It makes it irrelevant in an astoundingly up-to-date way."
--Washington Post film critic Hal Hinson, March 2

"Though the movie is carefully set in pre-Gorbachev 1984, the fantasy that the Soviets might be planning a first-strike nuclear assault on the United States simply doesn't tap into our current fears."
--Newsweek film critic David Ansen, March 5

"The Hunt for Red October is the first movie in history to be perestricken. The blow is by no means fatal, but there is no escaping the feeling that the impact of the movie, even though it takes place in the more globally paranoid pre-Gorbachev era, is sapped by new realities...Now, detente is a happier prospect than nuclear detonation, and some of the speeches in Red October carry a tone of hollow desperation -- rather like a Pentagon admiral arguing today against cuts in defense spending."
--Philadelphia Inquirer film critic Desmond Ryan, March 2

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