March 11, 2004
Transgendered Post-Op Computing


"I wanted to build a compact gaming PC using an old Mac SE case.

For my case window mod I took the old built-in black and white monitor & cut it near the end using sand-blasting technology.

Since I wanted to play the latest games on my PC I decided to use an Intel, 800 MHZ frontside bus dual channel DDR, micro ATX  motherboard, the best choice for that was the Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK.

In order for the motherboard to fit in my SE case I had to use a skill-saw & cut a big hole in the back of the case. I also used a Dremel & cut a hole in the front for the DVD/CD combo drive. I cut holes for my fans also. I used an older PC case to design the back of my computer &  my Motherboard tray. I also used the power/reset buttons of that case and attached it to the back of the SE.

I got a 400W power supply that I spray-painted black and attached it to a custom-cut aluminum diamond-plate. I attached my 120GB Hard-Drive to the power supply.

I designed my own clear acrylic glowing feet.

At the end I sanded the whole case down, used white Krylon primer & metallic-silver spray paint. I wanted to keep the original Apple logo, so I masked it off with Play-Doh.

I designed all my logos in Illustrator & I had vinyl stencils cut out. I used those stencils to spray-paint the logos on my case & PSU, after it dried I used clear-coat to finish the case off."

Posted by tmonkey at March 11, 2004 10:01 AM
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