March 25, 2004
Love Me Tender

Members of a Staten Island firehouse lied to cover up a New Year’s Eve brawl between two firefighters that left one of them in a coma, according to a report released Wednesday...

...The report reveals that Walsh and Silvestri started arguing when the two men couldn't agree on the date of Elvis Presley's birthday. The report says the argument escalated with Silvestri threatening to hit Walsh with a metal chair. The report says Walsh said "he would pay to see him do it" and then was blindsided in the head with the chair. The report says there was "blood and plastic cups everywhere."

You know, Google was invented to prevent arguments like this.

Posted by elia at March 25, 2004 09:25 AM

aside from tom being from the bronx and his habit of picking on staten islanders, this story doesnt suprise me. these firefighters are the same clowns caught on tape breaking into atm's and stealing from the WTC before the collapse.

Posted by: saul on March 25, 2004 02:28 PM

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