March 27, 2004
Furries Beware


There would never have been any Itchy and Scratchy were it not for Mattioli's Squeak the Mouse, found via Spiegleman's RAW back in the mid '80s. I'm not sure if I remember it right, but I think it was illegal in Reagan's America, I recall stashing a copy in newspaper inside a suitcase from London.

Squeak begets Itchy, and somewhere later on comes Gloomy (or, as dbrown would say: groomy.) And maybe Gloomy begat Princess, but I can't even link to Princess in good faith.

But Zhan just turned me on to the non plus ultra of the good toon gone bad: Happy Tree Friends. I warn you that this is NSFW or anywhere else in particular. I'm real squeamish about eyes, so I find "Eye Candy" unbearable, but collect 'em all, kids.

Posted by kevin slavin at March 27, 2004 01:07 PM
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