April 05, 2004
Let's Go! Ether. (Requiem)

Any of you who know about the .U cell phone project I worked on together with Mr. Wodkowsky and Mr. Zim, know that it was a great idea but that there's more to great work than great ideas.

And there's more people than there are ideas, so it's not surprising that many of the things we hoped to see someday are now visible in the game Mogi. There are some key differences, but some of the things we said over and over again, with passion, are now being written as reportage:

...a good example of a style of entertainment suited for mobile devices. It's very casual, playable on your way somewhere. It nestles in your every day life, rather than requiring you to change your behavior.

It amplifies your ordinary behavior - it changes going on an errand into a piece of a game.

All the trips I make in the city are now randomized, as I will often divert a few hundred meters to go and collect an object around me. I get a chance to discover parts of the city that I ignored, a motivation to check out that parallel street I never took.

These have been translated from French to Japanese to English but they still sound like they're lifted directly from our old pitches. I guess that's why you got to do what you think of (and with the right people). I wish we could still do it, but since the project is © all three of us, and we're no longer together, it's just not an ethical reality.

And it's not even that Mogi is the only one, there are other lenses for this same world here. So this is only to say that it's sad that someone else did it first, but that's it's great that anyone did it at all. It's a different world, the one with geography in the ether, and I look forward to spending time there. I hope Mogi gets recognized for what it is, which is an iteration of everyday life, not of video games.

And that it comes from Newt Games, and that they are HQ'd in Paris, is no real surprise.

Posted by kevin slavin at April 05, 2004 02:08 AM
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