April 09, 2004

no comments, just can't pass it up:

Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital

By DONNA DE LA CRUZ, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling was taken to a hospital early Friday after several people called police saying he was pulling on their clothes and accusing them of being FBI agents, a police source told The Associated Press.

Police found Skilling at 4 a.m. at the corner of Park Avenue and East 73rd Street and determined he might be an "emotionally disturbed person," said the source, speaking to the AP on condition of anonymity. ...

Skilling was at two bars in Manhattan — American Trash and The Voodoo Lounge — where he allegedly ran up to patrons and pulled open their clothes, the source said.

"He was shouting at them 'You're an FBI agent and you're following me,'" the source said.

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