April 17, 2004
eBay for the blind

This is 1 postcard. It is of Beautiful Harmon Park In Kearney, Nebraska. There is not a picture of this card in this listing. There is a picture of this Kearney Park postcard in my listing of the 17 in 1 postcard listing. So, if you want to see a picture of this postcard, go to that listing and look. I am sorry about that. But I am out of batteries for my camera. There are alot of trees in the background of this postcard, blue sky. There are alot of bushes and a big pathway(sidewalk), that goes down the center of this card. There are 2 ladies in the far background in front of tall, blooming, whitish flowers. There is a 2 cent stamp on this postcard and it is postmarked in Kearney, Nebraska is 1951. This postcard is to Miss M. George at the Lutheran Medical Center. Richard H. Young Memorial Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska and it is from Ray/Roy & Doris A.

Posted by dbrown at April 17, 2004 12:55 PM
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