April 23, 2004
No, Virginia.

My friends at nonfamous.com have come across something very alarming in the commonwealth of Virginia:

"A bill before the Virginia legislature proposes to render any contract between same-sex partners void. This isn't just about banning gay marriage. It's about banning same-sex couples from using ordinary legal contracts -- like the living will that Jay and I had a lawyer prepare so that one of us can make medical decisions for the other if he is incapacitated..."

That's pretty new, and pretty bad. But Jay has arrived at an interesting means to address this unprecedented proposal: Let's boycott Virginia. I haven't bought J. Crew in a while, but now's a good time to say I won't ever or until. Also, I'm not buying any more of Lockheed-Martin's F22 fighter-bombers.

Which is not to make light of. Seriously, spread these words: Let's boycott Virginia.

Posted by kevin slavin at April 23, 2004 03:42 PM
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