April 28, 2004
August, 1969.

I'm not exactly sure how to explain why I wanted it, but I was high bidder this evening on this 34-year old Intel C3101 chip. This was Intel's first product, and the world's first solid-state memory device.


I know this: that this was the first time that memory in its most modern form was ever in its most modern form. That the C3101 is a monument to the day that happened, and that the monument is small like a microchip and just as dense. I know that it was born the same month I was, and that the idea of this chip aging with me provides comfort.

Perhaps it's because the the chip will outlive me, and perhaps it's because it will always be blank. I don't aspire to permanence or blankness, but it would feel like I had a home on the earth, if I could just have those things in proximity.

Posted by kevin slavin at April 28, 2004 04:13 AM
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