April 28, 2004
That's what I call a protest

"During the Harlem rent strike of 1963, after tenant organizer Jesse Gray urged strikers to "bring a rat to court," people brought them dead and alive, rolled up in newspaper or held up by the tail; the rats are generally credited with ending the strike. No one needed to bring rats anywhere during the garbage strike five years later—they brought themselves to the mountains of trash piled high on the sidewalks, causing the mayor to declare a health emergency, the governor to demand an end to the strike, and the sanitation workers to get a raise"

Also, rats are, it turns out, "thigmophillic," which means they need to be in constant touch with walls. That's poetry right there, if you ask me.

More here.

Posted by kio at April 28, 2004 09:59 AM
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