May 07, 2004
Long Drink of Water


video of the hecklers today, during Rummy's first hearing. Not that I was around, but it didn't feel like Vietnam until just now.

Posted by dbrown at May 07, 2004 01:17 PM

Too bad that's not the clip they're playing on CNN.

Posted by: rushkoff on May 8, 2004 02:57 PM

Though they did play it on Blitzer today -- not the whole thing, but it has shown up many times as shorthand for the call for Rumsfeld to be fired, and/or resign. (Chalabi has just come out in support of GWB and Rumsfeld. So that's good.)

But the comment does make me wonder where people are getting their news. Even in the railing against Fox on one side and the SCLM on the other, it is a big fat mystery to me how "regular" people are getting their news about Iraq and its discontents.

Posted by: dbrown on May 9, 2004 12:32 PM

That's stunning.

Ohio State, the site of Madeline Albright heckling circa 1998 sent out warnings that Bush heckling in 2002 would be punishable by jail and mandatory expulsion.

For those interested in media-crit analyzis of how the Conservative think-tanks can spread their press releases so efficiently a most informed summary is in the excellent first chapter excerpt of the new David Brock book.

Posted by: Evan on May 14, 2004 12:32 AM

thought to just do a google search for heckling and came up with this site for how jugglers should deal. lots for rumsfeld, et. al. to learn from:

Why People Heckle
taken from Creating and Performing Juggling Routines - a guide by Jason Catan

Another response to "Why am I juggling for people?" might be, "To show off my skills." Jugglers often fall into this trap, myself included. If you are showing something, rather than SAYING something to your audience, you may be doing them a disservice. Jugglers who show off how skillful they are perform from an egoistic standpoint - they are juggling for themselves and not for the audience. This approach can also turn around and bite you - if you have built yourself up for the audience as a show off, the moment you miss a trick the audience may choose to heckle or ridicule you. People don't like to be shown tricks from the standpoint of "Look what I can do, and you can't."

heckling. who knew.

Posted by: james on May 15, 2004 09:19 AM

oh. the url.

and then this too; advice for standup comedians

next time you are heckled, why not try:

"Sir, if I said anything to offend you, please believe

Posted by: james on May 15, 2004 09:23 AM
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