June 12, 2004
Junk Warrior


Tag sale at a day care center in Ulster County. Bunch of dirty baby clothes and dumb toys, ready to leave, but then notice a red-haired boy off to the side, with a little table of his own. He's selling homemade trading cards. Fifteen cents each, special ones for twenty-five cents, packs of four for fifty cents. I try to buy a lot (including the "Extrem Deck"), but still it's only $1.20. He seems unfazed by his own genius, and unfazed by a strange 34 year old buying homemade trading cards. Not shown here: "Right Leg of Forbidden One" (a 25-cent card, 1000 attack points and 1000 defense points) and "Cloud Man" (2000 attack points, 9000 defense points).

Posted by dbrown at June 12, 2004 08:04 PM
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