June 15, 2004

Once upon a time there was a market research firm in lower Manhattan named Jupiter Communications. They were tiny, but they caught the first swell of the Internet bubble and rode it very, very well. The company's founder, Josh Harris, cashed out after the IPO*, and went on to try to become the Warhol of the internet via his next company, Pseudo. Then Harris became famous for webcasting his life, via www.weliveinpublic.com. Or infamous. Errol Morris made one of the better episodes of his IFC series "First Person" about Harris and his web-based self-obsession; it is worth searching out, if it is search-out-able. [oh, a short bit is available here.] Then 1999 came, Pseudo hemorraghed money like [insert half-offensive Ebola reference], and went dark. It was bought last year (?) and is something else entirely now.

Which would be all ancient history, but last night I was walking down Crosby St., just south of Houston, and spied a small, demolition-size Dumpster full of signs and display material for Pseudo.com. It was in front of the back door to the old Pseudo loft.

I forget what Warhol's Factory space became. I imagine that Dumpster was more interesting.

** full disclosure: through a series of events, I, in fact, made money on jupiter's IPO, which was promptly spent going snowboarding in biritsh columbia, which is how all internet bubble windfalls should have been spent. Also, I think I went to a New Year's party in the Pseudo space, in 1998/1999. Prince's 1999 was played, I remember that much, and cheap Russian champagne flowed like water.

Posted by dbrown at June 15, 2004 02:59 PM

db -- i love all your posts.

but i just wonder, what happened to kevin slavin, et. al.?

it's kind of lonely with just you holding down the fort.

p.s. those trading cards are hella cool. post more.

Posted by: james on June 16, 2004 07:53 AM

I get a little lonely here, too, but I know at least four people are reading my posts, and that's fine with me. What happened? Cary Gibaldi took his football and went home. Kevin voted with his feet and went to Israel. Though it seems he is back in the U.S., though not the saturation part of the U.S. Group blogs, it turns out, are different than solo blogs.

Posted by: dbrown on June 16, 2004 06:35 PM
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