June 21, 2004
Round Up, Rundown

It seemed like a slow news weekend, I know, with Wild Bill sucking up the air in the room. But some things not to miss:

Sy Hersh's latest in a series of insider bombshells, in this case about Israel seeing how awful our War was going ("Ehud Barak ... took it upon himself at this point to privately warn Vice-President Dick Cheney that America had lost in Iraq") and beginning to fund and train the Kurds ("Ariel Sharon’s government decided, I was told, to minimize the damage that the war was causing to Israel’s strategic position by expanding its long-standing relationship with Iraq’s Kurds and establishing a significant presence on the ground in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan.")

A "found" Repub stratregy memo about the language to use, and not use about the War: "It's not the war in Iraq -- it's the war on terror. ... [do not use] the phrase 'the War in Iraq' to communicate your policies to the American public. To do so is to undermine your message from the start," it said. "Your efforts are about 'the principles of prevention and protection' in the greater 'War on Terror.' "

Ha'aretz's reminder of who the enemy is. Or what we're fighting for. Or something like that. "[Hebron] is blooming with the work of graffiti artists. Shaul says some of the graffiti must have been cleaned off recently, but the selection adorning the doors of Palestinian shops and the walls of the houses is certainly impressive: "Arabs to the gas chambers"; "Arabs = an inferior race"; "Spill Arab blood"; and, of course, those hardy perennials - "Death to the Arabs" and "Kahane was right."

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