June 22, 2004
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

selected amazon reviews of the DSM-IV and DSM-IV-TR:

"The DSM... is complete fiction. Psychiatric "diseases" are VOTED into existence by a panel of about 1000 members of the "Mental Health Industry", and when these "diseases" win the vote and are included in the next edition of the DSM, they become by that fact "real". I would suggest that any person about to have a diagnosis rendered upon them through the use of DSM IV and who is concerned about their rights to disagree should contact attorney Skip Simpson of Dallas, Texas."

"The DSM-IV is a political document ... Psychiatrists creates myriad phony illnesses to justify their constant destruction of innocent people with heavy drugs, electric shocks, insulin shocks, other shocks and destructive brain operations. The DSM-IV is the vehicle for this criminal fraud. "

"Imagine for a moment that someone tattoo's a single word upon your forehead."

"The DSM is to psychiatry what Malleus Maleficarum was to the Inquisition. Historians will find it an essential guide to the superstition and cruelty of the period. "

"Hi I'm Lynn I was Thinking Of Buying This book DSM-IV-TR. forThose of you who already have it.Is it just a referance book or arethere any tests in it that tell you what the diagnosis is?If nothave you seen anything like thisanywhere? Feel free to E-mail me lynnfromselah@XXX Thank you Lynn"

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