July 17, 2004

David Newiwert, of ornicus, often says things I wish I'd said, or wish I'd thought of, and sometimes makes me just wish I was a better person. Today, he writes about the lingering effects of 2000:

"But how, exactly, do you "get over" the assault on democracy that the election theft represented? Certainly not by enduring three-plus years of arrogant incompetence. Moreover, any American who cherishes democratic values -- particularly the bedrock principle of having one's vote counted, because it is the essence of political enfranchisement -- would not, should not, readily shrug this off. This is not, and never should be characterized as, a minor issue."

Those minutes of f911 showing us the black congresspeople standing up to the crushing power of James A. Baker III were, for many of us, the most surprising and inspiring thing in the movie.

Posted by dbrown at July 17, 2004 11:33 AM

"Incompetence" only describes the sad and tragic bringing of "freedom" to Iraq. Everything else they've done has been purposeful and impressive, like a brotherhood of foxes eviscerating every hen in the house AND getting the hens to cheer as they did it.

No, Bush-Cheney are frighteningly competent.

Posted by: Evan Genest on July 24, 2004 11:50 AM
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